Travel through the USA in 2050

In this America, abortion, seen as part of Nazi policy, is banned. One political current defends it (in some cases): the far
Right. The Left-leaning Democratic Party, at the forefront of the fight against fascism, is very zealous in the fight against abortion, and the harshest sanctions against women who have had an abortion take place in the progressive States. The Republican Party, suspected of softness in this domain, is much criticized by Democratic politicians for its closeness to the far Right. Some people see the Right-wing Republican Party as the antechamber of the far Right. Occasionally, a polemicist will remark that it used to be the Left that defended abortion, but this rarely happens, is rarely heard, and such a person, considered very Right-wing, is demonized.

Another important struggle of the progressive
Left is feminism. That’s why the Democratic Party bans gender transition (seen as the result of a misogynist ideology and because of the rollback of women’s rights it has led to in the past) and severely punishes transgender and transvestite people. The Republican Party does not approve of gender transition, but considers individual freedom to be an essential value. This freedom stops, of course, where it violates the rights of others. This is why, in conservative States, biological men who live as women are not allowed to go to women-only places or participate in women’s sports, for example. Transitions must be self-financed. Legal gender change is not possible. But every adult has the right to live socially as a member of the other sex, and even to transition medically if they so wish. Democratic politicians criticize Republicans for their laxity in this domain, a clear sign of sexism, considered a characteristic of the Right, and to some extent the far Right.

Generally, Republicans hardly dare to defend their positions, as Democrats often repeat that fascism is not an opinion, but a
n infraction.

In TV westerns, we see Texas in the 19th century. Its Republican governor is often portrayed in the company of hooded Ku Klux Klan members. When the sheriff sees a black person, he
just can’t help but shoot. Texas men, who are racist cowboys with guns, who speak a foul language and have an inappropriate behavior with women, spend their time in the saloon, squandering their money playing poker. Not all the dancers are present, as some have a sick leave due to an abortion. Some of the dancers are biological males, who use the break in the dressing room to stare at their naked colleagues.

[A quick explanation:
This is not a position I’m taking on abortion and gender transitions. With this text, I denounce the dishonest methods of a certain “Left” (I consider myself a societal far Leftist). What I have described in a future world has often happened in the past: the Left rewrites its history, denies its former ideas that have become politically incorrect (rightly or wrongly), blames the far-Right and the Right for these ideas, plays the lesson-giver by demonizing the Right. Nothing better than an example from the future to illustrate this phenomenon and how shocking it is. For the record (because hardly anyone knows this): over the course of its history, Texas has long been almost exclusively Democratic. The big party in the slave-owning southeast of the USA was the Democratic Party. The Ku Klux Klan was the militia of the Democratic Party. The Republican Party of Texas was founded by 150 black men. But in the Leftist propaganda I mentioned in my last paragraph (see in France the TV program “Guignols de l'Info”, for example), Texas is presented as having always been unconditionally Republican, and Republican politicians are often shown in the company of Ku Klux Klan members, as if the two were linked (historical nonsense). See also this article from the Rebuplican Party of Texas ].

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