Criticism of Christian texts

Introduction: what is the Bible? (coming soon)

The immorality of the Bible God

Refutation of non messianic prophecies

Refutation of messianic propheties

Contradictions in the Bibel

Bible and homosexuality

Racism in the Old Testament

Human sacrifices ordered in the New Testament

Paul's schism (after the New Testament, Paul contradicted the apostles who weren't aware of it) (coming soon)

Collection of ridicule verses of the Bible (coming soon!)
Experiences about christianity

Faith, certainty, as an obligation in order to escape hell; the worst problem in religion

Why my criticism especially concerns "born again" christianity (coming soon)

My deconversion testimony (coming soon)

Answers to some arguments of believers (coming soon)

Tract for distribution to christians: list of contradictions, errors, etc.

Verses of "Dealy readings for Christians" online (coming soon)

Some actions you can do against religions (in French and German, but soon in Englisch too)


Sites which criticize the Bible:

Debunking Every Argument of Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelists (I recommend the part "Understanding the mentality and world view of the Christian Fundamentalist")

Criticism of the foundations of Evangelical Christian faith (a very good deist site!)

Sites of christian missionarism:

Ravi Zacharias' site

Comics for evangelisation